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About Us

At 19Thirteen, we bring professional oral care directly to you, offering services outside of a traditional dental office. Whether at your home or workplace, we provide routine cleanings, examinations, fluoride treatments, and education. By eliminating the need to travel and offering personalized care in familiar surroundings, we ensure convenient access to dental services, making oral health maintenance easier and more accessible for everyone.

Child at the Dentist


  • Convenience: Dental hygiene services can be provided in the comfort of the patient's home, eliminating the need to travel to a dental office.

  • Personalized Care: With individualized attention, the hygienist can focus solely on the patient's needs without the distractions of a busy office.

  • Time Efficiency: Appointments are often more flexible and can be scheduled to accommodate the patient's busy lifestyle.

  • Reduced Anxiety: For those who experience dental anxiety, receiving care in a familiar environment can help alleviate stress.

  • Accessibility: Mobile services can reach individuals who may have difficulty accessing traditional dental offices due to mobility issues or transportation limitations.

  • Preventive Care: Regular visits from a mobile hygienist promote consistent preventive dental care, potentially reducing the risk of oral health issues.

  • Family Convenience: Families can schedule appointments together, making oral health care more convenient for everyone under one roof.


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